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Blends of milk powders with only milk fat and no vegetable fat.

Cheaper alternative to skimmed milk powder.

High protein content: up to 34%

Low fat content: 1,25-2,50%

Examples of blends:

Milk Fat: 1.5% // Protein: 10%

Milk Fat: 1.5% // Protein: 15%

Milk Fat: 1.5% // Protein: 20%

Milk Fat: 1.5% // Protein: 25%

Milk Fat: 1.5% // Protein: 30%

Other contents and parameters on request.

Optionally can be enriched with vitamins, minerals or flavours.

Based on milk and / or whey powder.

Flexibility and ability to tailor the parameters to the needs of client and specifics of applications

Instant version also available.

Application: production of food, chocolate, ice cream, yoghurt, milk drinks, nutrition drinks, desserts, biscuits, cream fillings, confectionery, dairy food, creamer for coffee and tea, food premixes, sauces, soups, and other

Packing: paper bags  of 25 kg , with PE inliner, sealed and sewn // big bags up to 1000kg