SKIMMED MILK POWDER (SMP) 2019-07-26T09:51:50+00:00


Skimmed milk powder is a rich source of proteins as its content is 34%.

It contains milk proteins, lactose, and minerals in the same relative proportions as the fresh milk from which it was made. Skimmed milk powder is by far the most common type of milk powder available.

Main parametres:

  • Proteins: min 34%
  • Lactose: min 49%
  • Fat: max 1,25%
  • Ash content: max 8,5%
  • Water content: max 4%

Application: production of food, chocolate, ice cream, yoghurt, milk drinks, nutrition drinks, desserts, biscuits, cream fillings, confectionery, dairy food, creamer for coffee and tea, food premixes, sauces, soups, and other

Packing: paper bags of 25 kg with PE inliner, sealed and sewn // big bags up to 1000kg